Monday, September 14, 2009

Amusing Bears In The News (1)

Some of you may have seen the photographs in the newspapers recently of a bear in Snowmass, Colorado, who supposedly found himself trapped in a skateboard pit and had to be provided with a ladder in order to escape.
I telephoned the bear involved and, as usual, the reports are not entirely accurate.
The bear, whose name is Walter, did not 'fall' in the pit, as was claimed. He arranged to meet another bear there for some early morning skateboarding. He did not have his board with him because Bernard, his friend, was bringing both boards with him.
Unfortunately, Bernard had lost his map showing him the way to the skateboard park, and there was nobody around to ask directions.
Walter waited in the pit until it became obvious that Bernard was not going to appear, and then went home to a slap-up feed of fried egg sandwiches and barbecue sauce.
Brought to you by Orso's News Service - The Bear with a Paw on the Pulse of the Planet.