Sunday, June 21, 2009

On Being Helpful

When you have a lot of wisdom, as I do, I think it's a nice thing to share it with others.
I am always interested when I see gentlemen digging up the roads, and I often wander over for a chat or to see if there is anything I can do to help.
Sometimes, if it seems to me that they could do the job in a better or more efficient way I like to offer my professional advice, which they usually accept gracefully.
I also like getting up early in the morning before they return to work to check on what they have been doing the day before. If I think they've made a mistake, I sometimes helpfully put it right for them. For instance, if I think they are digging in the wrong direction, or haven't dug deep enough, I put my claws to use and help them out.
Sadly, they rarely follow up on my helpful suggestions and usually undo all my hard work, but I try not to let it affect me, or to dampen my enthusiasm for the day.
I also like to hide among the piles of plastic barriers they leave. See if you can spot me in the picture below.
Well, that's all for now. I hope to see you again.
Orso Bear, Esq.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Me displaying valour


I thought that my first post should be of an especially high standard, so as to get the whole shebang off in high style.

Rest assured, all of my posts will of course be exceptionally fine.
But of all the great things I have done, this remains one of the most impressive, so I thought I would share it with you first.

I'm thinking of the occasion on which I parachuted from the roof of my local church in aid of charity.

It was extremely brave of me, and everyone who saw it was incredibly inspired, both by my bravery and by the unflustered style with which I pulled off what is in fact an extremely dangerous stunt.

This is me being lifted up the side of the church in a basket before the daring jump. Those are my feet that you can see sticking out.

A side-view. Please note that the string you can see is purely to lift the basket. When doing the actual jump I used no wires, nets or protection of any kind. Just sheer bravery.

With just seconds to go, it is at this point that some bears find their courage is not equal to the task and change their mind. I did not.

And away I go. Until you've done it, you cannot know the excitement.

I know this looks like I'm walking up the exterior of the church, but in fact this is another thrilling action shot of the descent. I just decided to come down in this incredibly stylish way because I was so calm and collected I was able to come up with clever ideas like this while actually in mid-air.

Finally, this is me looking as pleased as Punch, as well I might, holding my Certificate of Valour. The dictionary defines valour as "strength of mind or spirit that enables somebody to encounter danger with firmness and personal bravery", so the word was particularly well chosen in this instance.

Thank you for enjoying my first post, and do please come again.

Mr Orso Bear, Esq.