Sunday, June 21, 2009

On Being Helpful

When you have a lot of wisdom, as I do, I think it's a nice thing to share it with others.
I am always interested when I see gentlemen digging up the roads, and I often wander over for a chat or to see if there is anything I can do to help.
Sometimes, if it seems to me that they could do the job in a better or more efficient way I like to offer my professional advice, which they usually accept gracefully.
I also like getting up early in the morning before they return to work to check on what they have been doing the day before. If I think they've made a mistake, I sometimes helpfully put it right for them. For instance, if I think they are digging in the wrong direction, or haven't dug deep enough, I put my claws to use and help them out.
Sadly, they rarely follow up on my helpful suggestions and usually undo all my hard work, but I try not to let it affect me, or to dampen my enthusiasm for the day.
I also like to hide among the piles of plastic barriers they leave. See if you can spot me in the picture below.
Well, that's all for now. I hope to see you again.
Orso Bear, Esq.


Teddy and Pencil said...

Hello Orso! Nice to get to know you.
You seem to be quite an adventurous bear. We'll be back again to find out what you are up to!
Teddy and Pencil

Orso Bear, Esq said...

And I in turn will be keeping a regular watch on your adventures.
Wonderful to meet you.
Mr Orso Bear, Esq

Buttons the Bear said...

Welcome to cy-bear space. I've only been here a few months myself.

You are off to great start sharing your adventures. Such bravery and helpfulness. Two beary important traits in a bear.

Perhaps, there is an opening for a road construction inspector. You could earn a little $ on the side.

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

I spottid yu in that foto, an also yor clors!

Orso Bear, Esq said...

I have often considered some form of managerial work, but I find that specialising in any one field makes it difficult to spread my wisdom equally in all the areas in which it is needed and appreciated. Plus I would have to get up early in the morning, and I prefer to rise at my own pace.

Well done for locating me in the photo. And yes, those are the claws I use to help them with their digging.

Thanks to both of you for dropping by, and I hope to see you again.
Most sincerely,
Mr Orso Bear, Esq.

Bumpkin Bears said...

Hi Orso, it's so lovely to meet you. you are a gorgeous bear, do be careful with all those works, wouldn't want you to get into a pickle! Beary Hugs, Catherine and my Bumpkin Bears x

Orso Bear, Esq said...

Dear Catherine and the Bears,
Marvellous to meet you all.
Don't worry about me getting into a pickle, I am very experienced and careful.
As to my being a gorgeous bear, obviously it would be inappropriate for me to agree with you on this point, but I will say that this is not the first time I have heard comments to that effect.
I very much liked the cowboy pictures on your site: I go through the occasional wild west phase myself. I have a splendid sherrif's badge and holster that cannot fail to impress whoever sees me wearing it.
Anyway, I must go and have my ice cream now before it melts.
Very nice to meet you,
Mr Orso Bear, Esq.

Carol said...

Orso, what adventures have you been up to lately? I came by to check up on you today. I hope you haven't been in to much mischief. One of my beary special friends plunked me on the head last week when I was vacuuming under the shelf he was sitting on. Caused quite a stir, but we are still friends. Gave him a big hug and a kiss on the forehead and placed him back it his spot. Well, I'll be back soon.
Bear hugs,

Orso Bear, Esq said...

Thank you for checking in, Carol. I'm sorry I haven't been posting lately but I share my computer with two humans and you have no idea how difficult it is getting them away from it.
Nevertheless, I hope to be back very soon, so do keep stopping by.
I occasionally like to jump on people's heads too, but it's always in fun.
My very best wishes,
Mr Orso Bear, esq.